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The development of ClickShare focused on creating a natural and simple user experience for everyone. Allowing universal accessibility from a range of devices was crucial.

A typical ClickShare arrangement usually includes USB powered ClickShare buttons and a ClickShare base unit. The base unit has a fixed connection to your central video screen.

clickshare usb button in use

For users to share their devices screen on the communal display the ClickShare button needs to be connected (For Android and iOS users, a small app can be downloaded). Then simply click the button to immediately share your devices screen on the larger display. The base unit will automatically detect and display your device screen in the optimum way.

The content is sent from your screen to the communal display by using desktop scraping which reads the data from the graphics card.

Easy Set-up and Installation

See how easy to set up ClickShare around your current meeting or conference room.

extended desktop


Firstly you install and connect your base unit with your main meeting or conference room screen. This simply involves plugging the unit into a power supply, and then connecting a video cable (HDMI, DVI, VGA etc.) to your central video screen.

Connect your Device

clickshare button connected to laptop
No Installation Required

Laptops and Computers

You plug in the ClickShare button into a free USB port on your laptop or computer and run the application included.

Mobile Compatible

Mobile Devices

Download and install a small application from either the App Store (Apple Devices) or the Play Store (Android Devices). Your device uses it's built in wifi adapter to share the screen content.


Click to Share

Click the button (virtual button on mobile devices) to share your devices screen with the main display.

Video and Audio

Split Screen Sharing

Share video from up to 4 screens at once on your main display (2 at a time with CSM-1 Device). Once a device is sharing it's display on the main screen, another user can share thier content side by side by clicking their button once. To take full control, click the button twice.

How it Works - The Video

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